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Writer’s Hollow: NaNoWriMo and Pitch Slam!

by Chynna-Blue, a.k.a. The Vamp


April’s NaNoWriMo has begun! If you didn’t get the memo, you’re only 7 days behind, so if you feel like taking part you can sign up here.

If you don’t want to officially take part, you could always use the premise to build up the word count of your current WIP. Give yourself a 1,000 word a day goal for every day until the end of April and voila, you’ll have a finished draft by the end of the month.


To make April even MORE exciting, Pitch Slam starts this month! This year the pitching process has a rockstar theme, as if we needed another reason to be excited!


Leatrice McKinney gives an excellent rundown of the rounds participants will have to make it through, starting with auditions on the 20th April beginning at 12AM EST. I sincerely recommend you check out her post if you’re thinking of taking part.


If you have any interesting news you’d like to share with fellow writers, drop it in the comments. Peace!