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Caption Friday!!

Alright! So we’ve got a creepy cool picture for you to caption!

Remember, winner gets the opportunity to have a short story posted alongside our next caption contest!

The winner will be announced Monday, in our Writer’s Hollow post. Please leave your caption in the comments section below. C’mon guys, amaze us with your wit! 




Happy Friday, guys and dolls!


To celebrate this momentous occasion, this return of the Friday God, we bring you our first – of many – Caption Fridays!

It’s simple. We give you a picture, and you comment with caption suggestions. Come on. You know these pictures are gonna be awesome.

The winner will be announced Monday in our Writer’s Hollow post, and will have the opportunity to have a short story of theirs posted alongside next Friday’s new caption picture. Or we could just mention you instead, photoshop a picture of a crown on your head, whatever. It’s your choice. THAT’S HOW GOOD WE ARE.

Do it.


Caption this ghost!