(Late!) Writer’s Hollow: Expanding Your Platform

by The Vamp (a.k.a. Chynna-Blue Scott)
It’s gonna be a quick one today, boys and girls.

Today I want to talk to you about INSTAGRAM.

Where amateur photographers are born.


As a younger writer, I can tell you that at the moment, Instagram is hugely popular with teens. For any teenager who’s alternative, weird or likes taking pictures – which describes most of our TAs – Instagram is the place to be. Twitter is all well and good, but it tends to be for older users, whilst Instagram has a broad spectrum of users from younger teens to those in their 20s. Facebook isn’t all that popular at the moment, and it looks like Twitter may be waning (don’t quote me on that!) but Instagram is still fresh.

The addiction is real.


Set up an account and post interesting pictures that will attract your target audience and you’re golden. Unfortunately, it’s a phone-based app, meaning you can’t post pictures off of your computer (which can be annoying.)

I’m currently working on growing my own Instagram following so that when the time comes for my book to be published, I can create a buzz over there using character and cover pics, as well as any images remotely related to my book.

The power of the hashtag is strong, and the visual stimulus is great for drumming up interest. Just the other day I posted a picture, mentioning my book in the caption, and already I had someone asking me to let them know when it’s out. I know of teenage girls who’ve garnered followings of 10k purely through the posting of weird and interesting pictures.

Another plus is that you can add an Instagram feed as a blog widget (I have one over on chynnablueink.com) in the same way you can add a Twitter feed. It adds a nice visual element to your blog, and gives people yet another way to follow you.

Just think of it as an excuse to trawl the net for character pics. 😉

(YouTube videos are also a win, but I’ll talk about those in a future post.)

Give it a try. It can’t hurt! (Much.)


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