Inspire me, Watson

The-Landscape-Nature-WallpaperLots of things have different meanings for many of us in our interpretations and delivery. Its like looking at a piece of art and attempt to identify what the artist is trying to accomplish and whether or not the artist has succeeded – some of us simply see strokes and forms. How long are you supposed to look at the art until you understand? Does anyone care? Or are we just happy to have a pretty piece on our wall? When people ask what inspires me, I have to say nature. But of course, I would say that being out in nature most of my time. Nature sucks you into her world and opens up realms of possibilities, and if you stop and listen, you’ll be amazed at what you will find.

Now, workshop time: Find yourself a quiet spot, you don’t have to go to Mount Everest or Tristan de Cunha, it could be your garden, a park, a nature reserve, somewhere you can truly reflect. Sit or stand, that’s your choice, close your eyes and take a deep breath. What do you hear? The wind in the trees, the birds chirping and singing, the bees busy working, the snap of a branch. Ok, open your eyes, there may be a masked murderer creeping up on you! Or it could be a creature foraging for food – let’s go for the latter, now close your eyes again. What do you smell? The musk of the dead leaves under foot, the freshly mown grass, the dainty floral scent of the flower, the earthy tones of the stream.

Open your mouth, what can you taste? Jasmine, lavender, that fly that just landed on your tongue. Now spread your arms and open your fingers let the air circulate around you – how do you feel? Free, safe, connected? Or do you feel like a loon stood in the woods with your arms outstretched and mouth open wide? Open your eyes, what do you see? The squirrel rummaging around the undergrowth, the butterfly fluttering around your head, the ladybird climbing a blade of grass, or that dog poo you really should have avoided earlier. If you’re not sitting, sit, and let your fingers scrunch the earth (not near that dog poo, but if that gives you inspiration, then go for it), now roll the earth around your fingers and let it soak into your skin.

christian-the-lion embrace-green-happy-nature-woman-girl-6c0540f6ac6e06673f9eff9f2a1b9cfb-h

This is how I begin my inspiration, it frees my mind and gets me ready to prepare. Now I go and get myself some prey… I mean, people watch. Take in mannerisms, accents, body language, scents, interaction between humans, humans and their pets, human emotion, animal emotion, the weather, reactions to weather. Are you a stand in the rain and smile up at the sky kind of person or run inside for fear of melting (no witches were harmed in that reference). It’s all part of nature, and we are all connected. Open yourself to mother nature and you too will be inspired.

Were sig wb

(click on Christian the lion to watch an amazing reunion of two men and their companion)


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