Caption Fridays: Um, this is allowed, right?

Last Friday’s picture, courtesy of the Harpy, was this gem of a holiday crossover:

skeleton Reindeer

With only a few comments to pick from, I selected the very first one. I hope this doesn’t look like I’m sucking up to the boss here, since dragons don’t suck up TO people, more like choke people DOWN with a nice barbecue sauce. *cue drum roll*

The winner is Chynna-Blue, with the caption, “Rudolph had gone a little overboard with his post-Christmas diet.”

In lieu of an excerpt, I direct your attention (in case you missed it, but I’m sure you didn’t, because otherwise there would be…consequences) to THIS ANNOUNCEMENT where you can learn all about our little Vamp’s big news. BLOOD BORN has been picked up by Entranced Publishing! Don’t let me keep you here, go read. Champagne is being served.

ONE LAST THING BEFORE YOU GO: The new picture! Create a caption for a chance to rule over this space next Friday.

real camera shots through October 2013 139


Happy captioning! And don’t forget to make sure that your comments can be traced back to you, should you be declared the winner. Either link your email, web site, or simply leave a small piece of your soul (or your spleen) for us to hunt you down with at our convenience.

dragon sig wb 3



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