Writer’s Hollow

By Kristen, a.k.a. The Jezebel

So it’s my first time coming to you from The Writer’s Hollow. I like it here, it’s cozy. I’ll probably hang more stuff on the walls as time goes by, but for now, I’ll get down to business and tell you all the news worth knowing in the writing world this week.
(I want anchorwoman hair.)

RWA, the Romance Writers of America, is taking submissions for its annual RITA award, celebrating excellence in romantic fiction. You enter in your genre, and you can also enter your debut novel to be considered for best first book. Two thousands entries will be considered, and you have until November 27 to get yourself involved. BUT. You will be placed on a waiting list if you are not a judge in the contest. http://www.rwa.org/p/cm/ld/fid=533


My agency, Foreword Literary, is growing! This week they welcomed New York based agent Emily Keyes has joined the agency as an agent. Julie and I listened to her talk on one of the panels at the Backspace Conference last year. She’s friendly, open minded, and looking for MG, YA, NA, fantasy and sci fi. Foreword is closed to submissions until the end of the year, but you can get your manuscript ready for January if it fits her guidelines. http://forewordliterary.com/foreword/emily-keyes/


We had an exciting launch week at The Midnight Type! We finished out our first full week with a huge announcement from our founder and vampire, Chynna-Blue Scott. Her debut novel, Bloodborn, will be published by Entranced Publishing!!

From Chynna-Blue’s website:
BLOOD BORN is a YA Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy. It tells the story of Meg Wild, an 18 year old inhuman struggling to deal with the fact that she’s not as mortal as she thought she was – and that fact she just happens to be falling for someone even more inhuman than she.

Yes! She will be publishing mates with another fantastic member of this team, Louise Gornall. Entranced also will be releasing the follow up to In Stone soon. Obviously, Entranced knows what’s up.


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